aba bab Workout Routine For Beginners

aba bab Workout Routine For Beginners

What Is The aba bab Workout Plan?

The aba bab workout is a workout plan that is programmed to span the course of two weeks and contains only two different types of workouts throughout those two weeks workout “a” and workout “b”.

aba bab workout
aba bab workout is a two-week workout schedule

During week one you will have three training days the first one performing workout “a”  the second training day performing workout “b” and the third and final training day of that week going back to work out “a”.

During week two you will still have three training days but performed in an inversed order to that of week one. Meaning your first training day will be workout “b” the second day workout “a” and the final training day workout “a” again.

There will be four leftover days in each week and these are generally used as rest days and can be put in any order you like along as you get your three workouts in each week.

rest for aba bab workout plan
Rest is often overlooked in every workout plan

It is recommended to spread the rest days out and not have training days back to back unless you are doing some other kind of workout not involving your aba bab workout plan.

What Kind Of Training Program For aba bab Workouts?

The best training programs for your aba bab workouts are those that are centred around big compound movements.

Compound movements optimally hit multiple muscle groups all at the same time with a high amount of overload.

This will be ideal since you will only be training three times a week on this program and want to create the most muscular overload possible and target the most amount of muscles possible.

Remember you will only be using two workout structures though so splits like anterior muscles one day and posterior muscles another day are recommended.

Other big two-workout style splits include big workouts like push day and pull day or upper day and lower day (see Upper Lower VS Push Pull legs).

What Kind Of Training Program For aba bab Workouts?
Splits that involve lots of compound movements will be the most effective for the aba bab workout

Picking workouts like these for your workout “a” and workout “b” days ensures that you are targeting your entire body with these workouts and getting the most work done.

Can You Use Full Body Workouts With The aba bab Workout Plan?

Although a full-body workout does sound like it is a single style of workout and will not be compatible with the aba bab workout plan as you need two different styles of workouts this is not the case.

This is because even though full-body workouts will always target the same muscles you can still do so in different ways.

For example on training day “a” you can do a full body workout but focus on strength and only do between 3 to 5 repetitions for every exercise, Then on training day “b” you can do a full body workout focusing on muscle hypertrophy and perform 10 to 15 repetitions for every exercise.

The full body workouts can also be split up in more unique ways like only doing barbell exercises on day “a” and only doing dumbbell exercises on day “b”, or only doing compound exercises on day “a” and then only doing isolation exercises on day “b”.

With all of these kinds of splits though you have to keep in mind since they are all full body workouts you will be hitting the same muscles in each workout for a total of three times a week for each muscle.

This is a lot of frequency for anyone working out so be sure you are getting the proper rest and if you do choose to do full body workouts with your aba bab workouts it is not leading to any kind of overtraining or under recovering.

aba bab Workout For Muscle Growth?

The aba bab workout is one of the greatest workout splits for muscle growth in my opinion. This is because it demands compound exercises be used and creates the need for muscle-targeting frequency in a weekly workout routine.

If structuring the days properly you can ensure that each workout is being done at least every other day.

Targeting a muscle at least every other day would create an insane demand for muscle growth and adaptation therefore leading to accelerated muscular gains.

Just be sure you are keeping up with your recovery and getting the right proteins vitamins and other nutrients in order to maintain such high physical demand (see 7 Best Vitamins And Minerals For Muscle Growth And Recovery).

Who Is This Workout Routine For?

This workout routine is designed for individuals looking to improve their overall fitness level and build strength.

The workout routine is suitable for beginners as well as experienced individuals, as it can be tailored to accommodate different fitness levels.

This workout routine’s main focus is compound movements, which involve using multiple muscle groups at once, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout.

This routine can be followed by anyone who wants to incorporate compound movements into their workout plan and see progress in their strength and fitness levels.

This workout routine was meant to have training days three times per week, with each workout lasting around 45 minutes to an hour. However, the duration of the workout can be adjusted to fit individual preferences and schedules.

Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, or simply improve your overall fitness, this workout routine can help you reach your goals. 

aba bab Workout The Perfect Beginner Workout?

When asking what is the perfect beginner workout plan the aba bab workout definitely comes to mind. Since it only has two different styles of training it will be easy to keep basic and simple making it straightforward for beginners.

aba bab workout for beginners

A straightforward plan is one that is easier to follow and can definitely be more motivating, especially for those who may feel like a newbie or a bit intimidated.

Also individuals starting off should be looking to hit as many muscles as possible at once since they have all the potential in the world.

Of course hitting a large number of muscles at once is the job of compound exercises and since a good aba bab workout highly demands compound exercises it is only fitting that beginners gravitate towards it in order to chase the most amount of progress possible in the quickest amount of time.

It is still important to remember to get the proper amount of rest though. Beginners can often get carried away as they sometimes do not realize they actually need more rest and recovery than the experienced lifter because their body just isn’t as used to it and possibly not being on top of their diet aspect of recovery can be another factor.

Overall the aba bab workout plan is an extremely versatile one, offering a wide range of variety and opportunities to maximize your workout week.

Since it is so versatile and malleable it is great for the expert lifter who can mold it to their specific goals while still keeping it simple and straightforward.

It also stays a great option for the beginner lifter for the reasons mentioned previously and if constructed properly either through research or by a fitness professional still has the potential to be the perfect workout plan for the beginner lifter.

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