Hello! And welcome to muscleandrecovery.com I’m Patrick.

We are here to help you recover from the gym and better your workouts in the gym. Muscle and Recovery is a blog that I started after realizing recovery is the universal key to all of your fitness goals but there is not enough focus on it which has led to a lack of specific quality information related to it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a site that focuses on delivering quality information specifically related to muscle recovery for everyone who loves fitness to access. At Muscle and Recovery we want to help you reach your goals whether you’re looking for a way to help recover from a killer leg workout or even broadening our scope a little to help you find where to look for motivation we do not mind going the extra mile to help you go that extra hundred.

About Me

A certified personal trainer and nutritionist with a diploma in fitness and health promotion and a practising massage therapist, I have been actively working out myself for almost 10 years now and have been interested in it even longer. One thing I have realized over the years of training individuals, athletes and myself is no matter what you are doing in terms of gym time and exercise it always leads back to one key factor and that is recovery. No matter how much I helped someone progress in the gym I was always wanting and wishing to be able to help outside of the gym. That is one of the reasons I got into massage therapy and my main drive to make this website.