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  • Hypervolt

    Is The Hypervolt Worth It?

    The Hypervolt by HyperIce is a percussion massage device of the utmost product development standards. In other words it is a tool made to massage through different levels of physical impact and it is made with the highest quality and performance in mind.  This is exactly how I feel about the HyperIce Hypervolt. Although this […] More

  • Hot Or Cold For Muscle Recovery?

    Heat therapy and cold therapy treatments are widely used by many people for many health related purposes. Although most may not know the exact process and why they work for certain things. Some may even be using them for the wrong thing unknowingly.  So it will be good to know beforehand when using this kind […] More

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    What Muscles Recover The Fastest?

    Muscle recovery is the key role in making any kind of progress from training, but also just ensuring a healthy active lifestyle and providing your body with longevity through exercise and fitness. Although if you train you may notice all muscles do not treat recovery equally.  You may train one muscle and experience soreness for […] More

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    Muscle Recovery Over 50

    Getting old happens to all of us. As we age our body changes in many ways and one of these ways is how our muscles act and specifically how they recover from stress. The sad truth is once we get to a certain age our muscles start to breakdown and shrink on their own this […] More

  • Can Swimming Help Muscle Recovery?

    Taking a swim or just being active in the water in general is a great time. Almost everyone I know who aren’t even swimmers including myself loves a nice refreshing swim or workout in the water. But for someone who has training as a big part of their life they look at every activity differently […] More

  • Does Yoga Help With Muscle Recovery?

    Yoga is a form of meditation, exercise, and spiritualization or any combination of which for many. People use yoga and its many variety of poses to help improve their health, mood and mind from day to day. But does yoga help with muscle recovery? Yes yoga does indeed help with muscle recovery.  Although just like […] More

  • Muscles recover when sleeping

    Can Your Muscles Recover Without Sleep?

    Sleep is an important and big part of everyone’s life. Even if you do not always realize it. The average person spends about one third of their life in bed sleeping. That’s a long time and should show just how important it is to sleep. That being said can your muscles recover without sleep? No, […] More

  • Muscle Recovery When Sick

    Training comes with a large variety of benefits and perhaps one of the most beneficial perks of steady training is the strengthening of your immune system.  Some may even feel like they have absolute immunity and can never get sick and it’s a good way to feel but the reality is anyone can catch illness […] More

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