Is The Hypervolt Worth It?


The Hypervolt by HyperIce is a percussion massage device of the utmost product development standards. In other words it is a tool made to massage through different levels of physical impact and it is made with the highest quality and performance in mind. 

This is exactly how I feel about the HyperIce Hypervolt. Although this isn’t your cheap 15 dollar foam roller. With great quality comes a pretty price but with the price tag it has is the Hypervolt worth it?

Absolutely the Hyypervolt by HyperIce is worth every penny and there are different buying options based on your needs, some a lot cheaper than others which may be good news for some.

What Does The Hypervolt Do?

As mentioned the HyperIce Hypervolt is a percussion massager device which means its main purpose is to massage and it does this through physical impact in the form of speedy vibrations. It is a massage gun that operates wirelessly so it can do this anywhere and anytime you want it to.

The Hypervolt is advertised to relieve muscle pain, aid muscle relaxation, and as a result of this help manage stress. This is exactly what it does by bringing a high quality massage to your body and muscles.

By massaging sore muscles or even muscles you have just used after a workout in general you are increasing blood flow to that area increasing the transportation of healing nutrients as well as flushing out lactic acid the source of nearly all muscle soreness.

With a good amount of pressure a massage gun like this can also rid muscle knots and release built up tension by loosening muscle fibers. With the 60 watts of power that the Hypervolt massager has to offer this is more than enough to loosen your tightened muscles and offer the full benefits of a massage gun doing exactly what its advertised to do.

Benefits Of The Hypervolt

So it does what it’s advertised to do in relaxing muscles, reducing soreness and managing stress. These are all great benefits to your health and muscle recovery but what additional benefits does the Hypervolt offer to your massage ?

One point I lightly touched upon earlier is the fact that the HyperIce Hypervolt is wireless so it can seemingly be used anywhere at any time. Especially since it is only 2.5 lbs or just over 1 kg. This makes the Hypervolt extremely portable without really weighing down your gym bag or whatever carrying case you may have it in.

This along with the wireless capabilities  is a great benefit but everything has its limitations and this device being powered by a lithium ion battery does as well. 

Luckily it’s not a great limitation as the Hypervolt offers over 3 hours of battery life with plenty of power and speed the whole time.

This should be good for many uses even several sessions and with the charger that comes with it you can easily charge it after every use ensuring the battery life never runs out.

The standard HyperIce Hypervolt comes with 5 different head attachments. These 5 different attachment heads with the 3 selectable levels of speed really offers a wide range of features and speeds for a massage anywhere on your body for any kind of therapy or scenario.

To further show its user friendly design it has both pressure and battery level indicators. This makes it no problem at all to look and see how much battery life you have left or even look and see how much pressure is being applied while you are using it.

The Hypervolt also has something known as quiet glide technology. This quite glide technology work to achieve a massager gun that has a high level of power and speed but is also quiet not making too much noise. This is something definitely noticeable and whatever this quite glide technology is it works.

The HyperIce Hypervolt has up to date technology allowing you to connect it to your phone via bluetooth. You can connect to the Hyperice app and select custom programs and through the HyperSmart technology of the Hypervolt it will guide you through the program even automatically changing the level of power to coincide with the program selected.

To really show how high tech and digitally integrated  the Hypervolt is you can even connect it to other fitness apps such as Apple Health. It will look at your data recorded on said app such as steps walked or jogged and any workouts or any other physical activity you have recorded and then it will build and recommend custom massage routines just for you.

Hypervolt vs Foam Rollers

There is really only one thing the Hypervolt can be compared to when looking at what it tries to accomplish through self use and that comparison of course being the traditional foam roller. When comparing the Hypervolt with foam rollers I will be rating 5 things between the two being effectiveness, usability, portability, durability and price.


When it comes to effectiveness the Hypervolt without a doubt blows the traditional foam roller out of the park. The Hypervolt is much superior and anyone used to foam rolling who transitions into using the Hypervolt will definitely see this too.

It makes sense as a foam roller only will supply the amount of pressure you put into it where with the Hypervolt it is electronic and can generate high pressure/force on its own. This on top of a good amount of pressure you apply yourself is a league above the foam roller.


A foam roller is pretty straight forward and anyone who picks one up for the first time will quickly realize how to use it. With that being said the Hypervolt still wins for me in terms of usability so that is really saying something.

The big reason the Hypervolt still wins here for me is because of the many different heads that come with it. These head attachments make it ever so simple to use the device in any desired situation. It is even simpler to interchange these head attachments.

A foam roller is usually fixed or at most changeable in a slight simple way but even that’s giving it lots of credit. 

On top of this the HyperIce Hypervolt also has indicators showing you how much power the device is outputting at a given time as you alternate through different speeds only adding to the usability of this fitness gadget.


The portability of the Hypervolt is undeniable. It’s small it can split into pieces if you want it too and heck it even comes with a carrying case. On top of that you can buy an even lighter smaller version of the original Hypervolt known as the Hypervolt Go. You can get foam rollers that are small but if you want one that covers a big or even decent area your looking at taking up most of your gym bag.


Talking about durability may seem weird because neither of these are things that should be in a situation that damages them but in the case here we are looking more so at wear and tear over time.

Do not got me wrong if you drop your Hypervolt a few times it should hold up as should your foam roller as in this regard they are both as durable as you can ask for. With the Hypervolt operating the way that it does there is opportunity for mechanical failure but this just is not something that is seen often if at all from my knowledge with the Hypervolt.

On the other hand everything sees some kind of ware with use over time and I definitely think you will see more ware with your foam roller then with the Hypervolt.

Its as simple as a foam roller is under constant pressure all the time and eventually it softens up, dents up, or even breaks losing its effectiveness. Your Hypervault does not require a high level of pressure to be effective so in the long run it will last longer.


When it comes to price a foam roller should always be the cheaper option here. If not there’s a big problem. So a foam roller definitely wins in this aspect but that does not mean the Hypervolt is not worth it as it is worth every penny whether you get the top of the line or a cheaper mode, HyperIce is quality.

Hypervolt WIN 4 – 1

Different Buying Options For The HyperIce Hypervolt

Although when writing this article I had your standard Hypervolt in mind there are 2 other popular options one more top of the line and one cheaper.

The Hypervolt Go is a cheaper option to the original hypervolt. For one it is smaller hence the name Go. It is more compact and only weighs 1.5 lbs a pound less than the original.

This model offers maximum 40W of power instead of the originals 60W this also makes it much more silent.

The Hypervolt Plus is the pro version of the Hypervolt. It is a slightly more expensive version of the Hypervolt and this one would be my go to as it isn’t much more. 

The difference here is that the Hypervolt Plus is 30% more powerful offering 90W of power and that’s the only real difference. HyperIce keeps it simple just like using their high quality products

So Is The Hyperice Hypervolt worth It?

If you could not tell by now I definitely believe the Hypervolt is worth it. So much so that personally I recommend the Hypervolt Plus especially if you are a bigger or stronger individual. Hopefully I have made the benefits of massager guns and in particular the Hypervolt clear especially as oppose to a foam roller. I believe you should give the Hypervolt a chance if you haven’t tried it, you will not regret.

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